Yellow is the new HELL

 MINISODE A. "What's Your Pain with Theatrical Agent Dave Elmy"  

In this web series about pain, meet the theatrical agent who talks a big game in this behind the scenes look at the characters of Yellow Brick Hell (Season 1.)

MINISODE B.  "What's Your Pain with actor Brian C. S. Pantalone"  

Sneak peek at Jack's acting nemesis. This guy is method. Way to method...

MINISODE C. "Papa Jon's 'National' Commercial"                                               

The "National" debut of Papa Jon's new upside-down pizza--the pizza with the upside-down taste!!!!

MINISODE D. "Mark's Collection"                                                          

Meet Jack's roommate. Did we mention they share a small one bedroom apartment overlooking the Gowanus Canal?


MINISODE E. "Dale"                                                                              

Meet Jack's agent. Did we mention this is his real agent? It's not, but it's based on one he had in LA!

MINISODE F. "What's Your Pain with Mark Lagorson"                        

MINISODE G. "Animal Crakers"                                                             

MINISODE H. "Woody Allen Phone Call"                                            

MINISODE I.   "Clown"