His Pain. Your Pleasure.

Episode 101

Pains, Trains & Submarines (The Prologue)

In which Jack attempts to ride  the New York City bus to get to his first big audition.

Episode 102

The Party

In which Jack eats upside down pizza, blows an audition, saves a jumper and ruins a friends birthday party.

Episode 103

Acting Class

In which Jack, The Papa John's Pepper, and a host of "artistic" characters assemble for acting class.

Episode 104

42nd Street

In which Steve is suspicious of Jack's new girlfriend.

Episode 105

Uncle Ron

In which Jack and his Uncle engage in silent war.

Episode 106

Special Agents

In which Jack's employed scheme for finding a theatrical agent yields curious results with Josh's David's and Helen's.

Episode 107


In which Jack falls in love, refuses to play games and unintentionally ruins another birthday.

Episode 108

The Roommate

In which decreased mustard levels lead to a hostile living situation.

Episode 109

Happy Holidays

In which Jack with Steve in tow attend a Cimonnan Christmas Dinner, where Hanukah is confused, and the car-less car wash is revisited.

Episode 110

Wonder Wheel

In which Jack absconds to Coney Island where he rescues a three year old, seeks out a round circle, irritates a clown and contemplates the future.